Mission & Values

Mission Statement

“Tech is interactive, so tech education should be just as fun too! I love creating things for tech education and I’d like to think I add some magic to explain complex tech concepts in energetic and exciting ways.
I love sharing my own journey and experiences with the community to showcase a relatable and human side to tech. It’s so amazing to witness the impact of my work in encouraging others to learn and grow in their technical skills and confidence.

Code is more than just a tool; it’s the common thread bringing together different disciplines and ways of thinking. I’m open to experimenting with new coding and technology practices and constantly evolving my work to empower the community to think critically about technology.

I am passionate about evolving how the tech industry engages with people on technology concepts, best practices and innovation. I put the pure joy of fun and learning, technical excellence, mentoring and wellbeing at the very centre of everything I do. I believe technology can improve social mobility and therefore, we have a duty to provide accessible workshops to all.”


Enabling Social Mobility in Technology

Having a career in technology shouldn’t just be for the privileged; the opportunities presented by technology should be widely accessible. Many people don’t have the luxury to pay their way through coding bootcamps. I was very fortunate to have received scholarships throughout my education and early career, including a full scholarship at a coding bootcamp. A coding bootcamp was out of the question if I had to pay for it myself; more alternatives should be in place for those aspiring to develop their skills.

Being Humble & Grateful

I don’t attribute my successes to my efforts alone. Although I put 100% into everything I set my mind to; I recognise there are points in my life where I will need help from others and feel very grateful for it. With this in mind, I feel deeply about sharing my skills with those who need it most.

Seeing the Fun Side of Things

What is that old saying again? “Are you working to live or living to work?” Let’s be real, there’s moments where we as human beings sway to either side of the spectrum. I strive to keep a balance where I can and I do that by having fun and embracing my experiences along the way, turning less than ideal circumstances into great ones.